Top 6 Spring Hikes for Kids in Salt Lake

Got spring fever?  Want to get out into nature NOW?  Us, too.  Why wait for summer?  Here are our top 7 picks for spring hikes for kids in Salt Lake and around that area.


Bells Canyon Reservoir

This hike is about a mile and a half round trip.  It’s a good one because it’s right at the mouth of the canyon, so it’s not much colder than in the city.  It also will provide you with elevation gain, so you’ll be able to get a workout and warm up as you so.  There are plenty of benches and rocks available to sit on.  Just make sure there aren’t any rattlesnakes under the rocks you choose (Don’t ask me how I know)!  You can get directions and more info HERE.

Great Salt Lake Area Spring Hikes for Kids and Families!




Temple Quarry

This is more of a walk than a hike, but there is plenty of available exploration.  This is also just at the mouth of the Little Cottonwood Canyon, and so although you’re not going up far, you’re still getting the amazing and beautiful views.  We love to walk along the trail to the river (which has been diverted underground) and explore on the river rocks.  It makes for amazing picture taking as well.  Read more.

Enjoy these top picks for kid friendly spring hikes in the Salt Lake Area!




Jordan RiverParkway

This is another favorite nature walk for us.  It’s got a nice boardwalk for part of the area, and paved road in other areas.  If you want to go “off-road”, you can do that as well; there are a lot of dirt trails around. The Jordan River Parkway has so many sections that you can go to, or drive to.  There are options all over!

Top Picks for Spring Hikes and Walks in the Salt Lake Valley!


Little Cottonwood Trail

This trail is a little further up the canyon, maybe a mile or so.  It’s a little cooler than in the city, but not by much.  It’s got a lot of dirt trails that you can explore without much elevation gain, so it’ll be easy for the kids to participate.  As you can see in this post, the river is not underground here.





Ensign Peak/State Capitol

We enjoyed our first warm day of the year by hiking Ensign Peak.  In fact, we just wrote about it!  We enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided we couldn’t go home, and stopped at the State Capitol.  The building is beautiful, and it’s  a lot of fun to walk around and take pictures.  If you decide to sit on the grass and simply enjoy the sunshine, watch where you sit…there may be deer droppings, ha ha!


Top picks for kid friendly spring hikes/walks in the Salt Lake Valley


Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Like the Jordan River Parkway, you can access this trail from a lot of different places.  The trail stretches from the Idaho Border to Nephi, Utah.  You can see different access points HERE.  We walked along part of the trail in Pleasant Grove, and it’s got great views!


6 top spring hikes and walks for kids


There are so many great options.  Where are your favorite outdoor places to explore in the spring?


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