Temple Quarry – Little Cottonwood Canyon Walk

Temple Quarry is just before the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon (The mouth is where Wasatch Blvd and Little Cottonwood meet).  There is a turn off on the south side of the road that has a small parking lot.


Temple Quarry - just before the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, this is a gorgeous and fun place to explore!



This is a paved walk, not really a hike, with signs that tell you about the history of the site.  You can take a small unpaved trail to the river there if you like.  We did so, and no one else was there…which, as I’ve said before, made it AWESOME.  The kids loved stepping on the rocks in the river and enjoy the surroundings.  It is only about a quarter of a mile walkway, but the scenery is fantastic.


*If you go here, it’s best to go early, as the parking lot fills up FAST with bikers and others (there is a bike trail here as well).



Temple Quarry - a wonderful paved walk to the river (which has been diverted underground) and the beautiful river rocks!

This is pretty close to Lisa Falls.  It may be fun to combine these two into one adventure!



Temple Quarry Details:


  • Location – Mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon
  • Distance – 0.25 miles
  • Kid Friendly? – Completely kid friendly!

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