Little Cottonwood Creek Trail

Little Cottonwood Creek Trail is located 2.7 miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  The trail head is on the South side of the road.  This is an easy trail, perfect for a quick get away to the mountains and to enjoy some relaxation.   Perfect place for meditation,  or reading, while hearing the wind through the tall trees and hearing the beautiful sound of the river.  It is also a fantastic place to take photos.  Take the entire family or just relax by yourself.



Little Cottonwood Creek Trail - it's beautiful!


You can hike up the Little Cottonwood Creek trail as it follows the river for about a half mile or down the trail as it ends at the mouth of the canyon.  There is a lot of room for exploration here, with wide trails that are also suitable for bikes.

Little Cottonwood Creek Trail - so fun!

There are a lot of fuzzy caterpillars around, but you don’t need to worry about them.  They don’t bite.

Little Cottonwood Creek Trail - so fun!


On a hot summer day, this is really a fantastic place to cool yourself off with the colder air in the mountains.  The river is soothing to listen to, and there is also plenty of shade available.  This hike is incredibly kid friendly, easy, and not strenuous in the least.  It really is just a nice, relaxing experience.

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