Limber Pine Nature Trail

Limber Pine Nature Trail is a must explore if you are in the Bear Lake area.  The trail is only 1.3 miles round trip.   The trail is an interpretive trail that has many signs along the way that explain many unknown facts.  The trail is located next to Sunrise campground, and the Bear Lake overlook.  The trail head and parking are located on South side of the street. Please see the google map for exact location. The elevation gain is minimal, and the trails are wide.  With all the signs to read and all the interesting sights to see, like odd looking trees, expect 1.5 hours.   The highlight is the 2600 year old Limber pine tree. The tree is among the oldest trees in the state of Utah. This trail is perfect for families, and kids usually enjoy it.  It is on the summit of the mountain with high elevation, therefore it is a fantastic stop in the Summer months. The trail is mostly shaded and doesn’t get too hot. Bear Lake has so many beautiful areas and things to do. Don’t forget to do this one on your way in or out.

Limber Pine

Be sure to take a lot of pictures and take you time to enjoy this beautiful area.

limber pine3
While in the area be sure to stop by the Bear Lake Overlook as well.

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