Bells Canyon Reservoir

Bells Canyon is a favorite for us.  It’s long and steep enough to be challenging for the kids (and the adults, yes I admit it), and we feel a real sense of accomplishment when we make it to the reservoir.


Bells Canyon hike - so much fun!



We stopped along the hike a few times to catch breath…and take pictures!  The photos above are evidence of that. 🙂   The views on the way up are great, as you can see the city down below.




Here is the view  when you first arrive at the reservoir.  The kids were so happy to have made it!




Once you get there, you can explore the area.  There are benches, and plenty of rocks right up at the reservoir that you can sit on.  There are snakes in the area, and although I don’t see them often, we did once…so don’t be surprised if you see a critter!


Bells Canyon Reservoir hike - beautiful!


You can continue up further to the lower falls if you choose too as well from here.  That’s another beautiful hike, and it’s about another 1.5 miles up from the reservoir.  The lower falls hike is considered moderate, and the hike up to the upper falls is much more strenuous.


There are two trail head options for Bells Canyon Reservoir.  The one we use is found by taking 9400 S. eastward to Wasatch Blvd.  Continue east past the light and park in the lot at the right (maybe a half-block past the light).  This one gives you a hike that is a littler over 3/4 mile.  There is another trail head located at 10245 south on Wasatch Blvd.  It is a shorter hike (1/2 mile) but steeper.

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